Woman. Wife. Stay-at-home-master-of-all-awesome-and-raiser-of-babes. Truth chaser. Lake and Mountain Dweller. Pixie haircut aficionado. Addicted to emotions and butter pecan ice cream. Treasure finder. Director of happy fun times. Creative as all get out. EXCELLENT friend. Alright dancer. Terrible sleeper.

Hey, Friends. It’s me. Erin. Hi.

So I’m not all that WordPress-ish, but I am very Blogger-y. Please check out my extensive collection of posts on DIY-ness over at Erin Compton Design.

My rantings, laments, touching pieces, essays, random pictures, prayers, poetry, what-have-you at Mama Compton.

This blog exists for participation in Thing-a-Day 2012, even though it looks like WordPress is much prettier than blogger, I’m too lazy to move.

Be blessed.

And here’s a picture of me with a mohawk for your trouble:

Why does this picture exist? Wouldn't you like to know?